Recent Testimonials

My daughter has attended Langham Preschool for almost 3 years now, we’re approaching the time where she’s getting prepared for primary school, an anxious time for all of us. However, the ladies at preschool have been so supportive and informative helping the transition become smooth and enjoyable. My little girl is going to miss this place so much, the amount of joy it brings her, the laughter, the activities she does based on her own interests - sometimes I wonder if she realises how lucky she is. One thing I know is Langham Preschool will leave a print on her heart and in her memories forever. I couldn’t be more grateful to all the ladies that have looked after her over the years here, the communication I get, the events and days out, the updates on tapestry, the stories I hear, I couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you ladies - looking forward to making more precious memories over the next few months.
May 2023

From the moment I entered the preschool I could tell what an enriching and caring environment it was, and I have continued to be impressed since. I have seen two of my children thrive in their care so far, and couldn’t be happier with my children’s progression; both socially and academically.
May 2023

Langham pre-school has been absolutely amazing with my child, I don’t know what I would have done without them. They have fully supported my child’s SEN and been on hand to help with anything they possibly can. A really fun, happy space to be.
April 2023

Langham Pre-school is a really lovely place for children. My child has and does love being there. It is a very happy and welcoming environment and the staff are second to none. We are always greeted with a smile and you can feel the enthusiasm and love for every child to be their best coming from the staff . I cannot recommend this Preschool enough with all the support and guidance they have shown my family.
April 2023

My son absolutely LOVES attending Langham Preschool. He’s been attending since he was 2 and it’s been excellent preparation for school in September. Maria and the team are excellent and organise lots of thoughtful activities to encourage development and keep the children thoroughly engaged. I'm sure my son will miss it very much when he goes to school in September especially exploring the amazing garden!! 
February 2021

I just want to say a huge thank you to you all, when it was announced we would be going into our third lockdown I made the decision to keep "H" at home with me, the support and understanding I received from Maria was heart warming. Since then the staff have uploaded activities for her to do at home on Tapestry and have left feedback on any posts we have uploaded. Maria herself gave me a call a few days ago to check in and get an update on how "H" was doing and offered her support and help to me. Thank you all so much, I can not wait for "H" to be able to come back and see you all. I know she’s just as excited as I am!
January 2021

We cannot rate Langham Pre-School highly enough. Our daughter has loved her time there over the last few years. I really feel their teaching and support has given her a great head start and will help prepare her for school in September. They have also been amazing during the whole of lock down, keeping in contact and updating us with all that's going on, as well as sending videos and activities through tapestry to help keep us busy. We definitely recommend them!
Love G. C., July 2020

I cannot rate this preschool enough! Both my children are so happy here, they are excited to go each morning. The staff are friendly and caring and are great at bringing the best out in the children. As a parent I am kept up to date with their activities and learning, even though the growth and develpment in the children is evidence enough.
During the lockdown, the preschool kept us up to date with developments. They used tapestry as an effective way to communicate with all parents and even the children, with plenty of ideas of what we could do to support our childrens learning at home. The children loved to play games with each other through video chats. When the preschool reopened my kids were so happy to return and see their friends and teachers. They have put extra measures in place to support and encourage hygiene, and I have not regretted my decision to send them back to this safe and fun environment.
I highly recommend this nursery to friends and family. Thank you for your amazing input into my childrens lives.
J. P., July 2020

"L" has had a great week back at Pre-School and is adjusting to the small changes. There has been really good communication over how you have made it safe for the children and staff to be back at Pre-School. The pick up and drop off seems to be working well for social distancing.
June 2020

To staff at Langham, thank you for all the care you have shown "H" this year. He has learnt so much we really appreciate how fantastic the pre-school has been. Love "H" and family.
June 2019

Thank you so much for all you have done for "O" we really appreciate it. Love "J" and family.
June 2019

Thank you for all the love and support you have given "A" over the last  2 years she has grown so much. Will miss you all. Love "A".
June 2019

Thank you for moulding "A. B." into the intelligent little boy he has become. Thank you also for all the changes to the pre-school, the education is second to none! Love "J" and family.
June 2019

Thank you so much "E" will miss you all, she is happy and secure and always looked forward to pre-school and new adventures, she will miss you all so much. Love "L" and family.
June 2019

To the pre-school team: this thank you is a small token of our appreciation and a means to express our happiness at the love and support you have given "A" over the last year. From "N" & "A".
June 2019

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