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Langham Pre-School is a registered charity which is run by voluntary trustees of parents/carers and community members. The Trustees are responsible for the overall leadership, governance and financial stability of the Pre-School and for ensuring that it complies with relevant legal regulations. As part of this, the Trustees will provide direction on the Pre-school's policies, manage and engage staff, and support fundraising. The responsibility for the implementation of the policies and the day-to-day running of the setting rests with qualified professionals, namely the Manager - Maria Bukovenczki and her team of staff. The Trustees meet termly, unless more frequent meetings are required.

Being a trustee of the pre-school is an enjoyable and worthwhile experience, giving you a greater involvement in the vitally important early stages of children's education. If you think you may like to become a trustee, please contact us for more information.

Career Vacancies

One vacancy for a Bank Staff Practitioner - please call 07930 963638 for further details.


Langham Pre-School welcomes sponsorship from the local community and businesses. If you would like to work with us please contact Hayley Jakeman on 07930 963638.
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